Right Brain Games has been developing custom game engines for over 10 years. Our current technologies include the Toi Game Engine, RBG Gui - our user interface extension, and a custom suite of development tools including mesh, world, tree, and terrain editors.

Toi Game Engine

Graphics and game engine

The Toi Game Engine started with a simple philosophy: Keep it Simple. While the engine has grown in size and capability, the core engine is still designed to provide a clean, simple, easy-to-use interface.

Toi is in active development, and not currently available for public or commercial use.

Right Brain Games GUI

A user interface library for games and tools

The Right Brain Games GUI is our custom user interface library for 3D games. It supports hardware rendering of multiple user interface windows into separate texture buffers to improve performance and allow for complex animation effects. The GUI is being used in our game Antilia to create beautiful, easy to use interfaces, as well as in our game development tools

The open source version of RBG Gui for Ogre is no longer supported or available on this site. We are not aware of any external sites that are currently providing it.

Toi Game Development Tools

A collection of content-building tools for Toi

To create content for our games, we use a variety of in-house tools, collectively referred to as the Toi Game Development Tools. These tools include:

World Editor

The World Editor is used edit terrain and construct scenes - from simple rooms to complex worlds that can extend endlessly in any direction.

Mesh Editor

To unify our content building work-flow, an integrated mesh editor was added to the Toi Game Development Tools. Over time it has developed to suit all our modeling needs - modeling, uv mapping, 2D & 3D texture painting, rigging, and animation.

Tree Editor

The Toi Game Development Tools include a fully-featured tree editing and generation utility, which can be used to produce both stylish and realistic tree meshes.

The Toi Game Development Tools are in active development, and not currently available for public or commercial use.